What are the administration options for billing a managed account?

This feature is exclusive to PLATINUM accounts. If you are a BASIC or PREMIUM user and wish to take advantage of this feature, please upgrade.

There are two options for administrating the billing of your managed account:


1. You will handle the administrated account's plan

When you choose to administrate the plan for your managed account, you take full control of billing. That is, you take over complete administration of all billing associated with the account. You'll administrate subscriptions, payments and any other expenses related to the service.

You'll be able to select the appropriate subscription plan, administrate renewals and adjust according to your managed account needs.

Finally, note that although the subscription is for the managed account, the invoice will only be available to the parent account.


2. The administrated account remains in control

If you opt to leave administration of the managed account to its owner, the managed account will be autonomous in administrating its billing. With this option, your managed account will be able to select the appropriate subscription, administrate its renewals and adjust according to his or her needs.

Invoices will then only be available for the managed account.


These options can be changed at any time in your managed account administration options.

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