Schedule your publications in advance (PREMIUM & PLATINUM only)

Scheduling your publications in advance is a feature exclusive to PREMIUM and PLATINUM users. If you are a BASIC user and wish to benefit from this feature, please upgrade.

Take the stress out of publishing on time. With our scheduled publishing you can upload your documents to Calaméo now, and select a date and time in the future for them to become available. 

How do I do this?

When uploading a new publication, you will find the option to schedule your publication in the Properties window that appears after selecting a document to upload.

  • Click on the Arrow next to the green PUBLISH button.Schedule-EN.png

  • This will open a calendar for you to select a date and time.Schedule_2_EN.png
  • Select when you want your publication to become accessible and click SCHEDULE.

Your document will be uploaded to your Calaméo account but will not appear as a publication until the date selected.



When will publications appear on my Calaméo account page?

A scheduled publication will automatically appear on your account page at the date and time you have scheduled. The same applies for scheduled publications in a Calaméo library widget.


What does this mean for my Subscribers?

Your subscriber will only be able to access scheduled publications when they become available, and not before.

For example, if a subscriber has access to publications for the Period of June and July, and one publication has a Date of publication marked as June, but you have not set it to become available until September, your subscriber will have access to this publication, but only from its scheduled date in September.


You can verify the Date of publication of a document in the Properties window:


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