What options do I have for customizing the viewer?

You can customize the viewer in different ways depending on whether your Calaméo account is BASIC, PREMIUM or PLATINUM.

Users with a BASIC account can choose a background image and a viewer Skin from Calaméo.

Users with a PREMIUM or PLATINUM account can customize the viewer by adding their own logo, background image, custom Skin, background music and sound effects to their publications.

Calaméo does not provide hosting for the customization elements of PREMIUM users. These elements must be hosted online and available at a valid, secure URL (https://).

Users with a PLATINUM account can host their own background images, logos and custom Skins in their Calaméo accounts.

As a PLATINUM user, you may host up to 3 background images, 3 logos and 3 custom Skins in your Calaméo account.

You can manage your customization elements under the Settings tab of your account.

If you are a BASIC or PREMIUM user and would like to access this feature, please upgrade.

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