Creating a custom theme in your Calaméo account (PLATINUM only)

This feature is exclusive to PLATINUM accounts. If you are a BASIC or PREMIUM user and wish to benefit from this feature, please upgrade.

If you are a PLATINUM user, you may create custom viewer themes in your Calaméo account.

You can create and host up to 3 custom themes.

To create your own viewer themes, go to the Settings page of your account.


Select Elements on the left hand side, then click on the blue CREATE A NEW THEME button in the "My Themes" section.


You can choose between modifying the code of an existing theme or building a new theme entirely from scratch.


Once you have chosen a template to modify or to build from scratch, a window will open where you will create your new viewer theme. First, choose a name. Next, make changes to the code directly in the CSML editor.

For a full list of the possible changes, please consult our documentation.


You may also add a new graphic resources file to the Assets. Click to select a file from your computer or drag and drop the file you wish to upload.

When you are done working on your custom theme, click the green “UPLOAD” button to finish.

After it has been successfully uploaded, your custom theme will automatically display in the Design options for your publications.

You can update or delete customization elements at any time.

Learn how to apply your customization elements to multiple publications at once.

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