How can I change the properties of my publication?

You can edit the properties of an existing publication in the Publications tab of your account.Publications_tab_EN.png

Place your cursor over a publication and click on the Pencil icon.

This will open a new window with options for changing the properties of your publication.


Title Enter an explicit title for your publication
Description Let your readers know what your publication is about
Adult only If your publication contains content unsuitable for a young audience, tick this box
Display mode Choose how your publication is read
Reading mode Select the direction your publication is read
Date of publication If you wish to show a particular publication date that is not the current date
License Select the type of license you want to apply to the publication. You must be the author of the original document, or have the author’s agreement in order to publish a document on Calaméo
Visible to Select whether you wish your publication to be public or private
Private URL Make your publication’s URL private
Subscriber access Allow access only to your subscribers


Choose whether to display sharing options for your publication
Allow your document to be downloaded by readers 
Allow your document to be printed by readers 
Comments Select options for allowing comments on your publication


Select a logo (PREMIUM and PLATINUM only) Customize the viewer with your own logo
Select a link destination (PREMIUM and PLATINUM only) Enter the redirect URL for readers who click on your logo. This link will open in a new window


Select a Skin Select a Skin for the viewer from our default choices, or customize the viewer using your own
Select a background Select a background image from our default backgrounds, or customize the viewer using your own


Select a background music track (PREMIUM and PLATINUM only) Enter the full URL of an MP3 file to be played while reading your publication
Select a sound effect (PREMIUM and PLATINUM only) Select the sound that plays when your readers turn a page, or opt to turn off this feature


If you wish to keep this selection for your next publications, check the “Save these settings to default for future publications” box.

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