How do I insert a form inside my publication?

This feature is exclusive to PLATINUM accounts. If you are a BASIC or PREMIUM user and wish to benefit from this feature, please upgrade.

You can use our Editor to insert a form that will open inside your publication.

Your form must be available as an embed (IFRAME). To include it your publication, you will need to first prepare your form and collect the embed code.

For example, you may use a form created with Google Forms. To obtain the correct code, click “Send form”, choose “Send via embed” and click Copy.

<iframe src="" width="640" height="1015" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Chargement…</iframe>

Choose the URL beginning with https:// and copy it to use in your publication:


Once you have collected the code of your form, go to your Publications page.


Select a publication and click on the Arrow to display the drop down menu. Select Editor.


Once the Editor is open, go to the page of your publication where you wish to insert your form, by using the navigation bar to the right, or with the arrows at the bottom of the Editor. Once on the desired page, select the link icon from the menu on the left.


Reposition and adjust the blue zone with your cursor to create the space where the link to open your form will be.


Enter the embed of your link in the External link field.


Among the Open in options, choose Overlay.

Click on the Save button on the bottom right corner of the Editor to save the link to your form.

Your form will open in an overlay inside your publication when the link is clicked.

Never allow users to enter financial information, passwords or other sensitive personal information in a link opened in Overlay. All transactions, log-ins and logging of sensitive personal information occur in a new window or tab. 

For security purposes, Calaméo publications with forms inserted in Overlay should not be embedded on your own website or blog in Publication mode. Please use Mini mode to embed Calaméo publications that include forms.

You may wish to insert “Framekiller” code for increased protection when using forms inserted in Overlay in your publications.

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